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“Lazarus tells it like it is.”

–Mike Bracken, Culturedose.net

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Revealing a working Hollywood writer’s secrets – the tips, short cuts, tricks and insider advice that will get your story down on paper, maximize your idea and seduce your readers.

Learn why the three act structure is obsolete and how to make your script an easy read.

Learn insights and techniques that will improve your process and make your script more readable, and ultimately, more salable.

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“A Must-Own Gem!”

— Dr. Ervin Nieves

”Practical, useful, humorous, as if a friend is talking to you.
— Mike Starry

“This is the best book I have found to assist with re-writing. I’ve read this book twice, six years apart, and it wasn’t until I had completed 4 screenplays that I appreciated the beauty of this book.”
— J. Waddell

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Seven Strategies to Improve and sell your work Foreword by Scott Frank

How to handle the working screenwriter’s toughest assignment: reworking, rewriting, and revising, from the author of Secrets of Film Writing.

Every screenwriter needs to rewrite-more than once, probably many times-to make the story work and then to make a sale. And then again later on, to please producers, studios or stars. Tom Lazarus -author of Stigmata, among other scripts- is a working screenwriter and instructor at UCLA extension. In this book, he’s distilled his own experience and that of other screenwriters into a system. Rewriting Secrets for Screenwriters will teach writers how to

  • Prioritize big scenes.
  • Track Transitions.
  • Plot Corrections.
  • Add new information.
  • Pass through for dialogue.
  • Do an “on the nose” rewrite.

Hugely valuable for first-time screenwriters and veterans of Hollywood pitch wars alike, Rewriting Secrets for Screenwriters is laced with humor and attitude as well as information. Its anatomy of a screenplay rewrite breaks down the books lessons into their practical application-a must for anyone looking for a break in the film business.

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