For The Last Word

“If you’re sitting down to write your first screenplay, you need to read this book. If you’ve written a couple of screenplays and are still trying to break in, you need to read this book. Hell, if you’ve been earning your living writing screenplays for the past six years, you should read this book. Informative, provocative, illustrative — all the qualities of the great teacher Tom Lazarus are right here. Indispensable for anyone who writes or is thinking about writing movies.”
— Scott Frank, screenwriter: Get Shorty, Out of Sight, Minority Report

“Some of Hollywood’s most successful writers whisper about learning it from Tom! His approach is unorthodox, but crystal clear and on the money. A master at teaching the elusive art of good screenwriting. The Last Word is his best book yet.”
— Sid Ganis, producer and past president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

“Smart, funny, and helpful to the max, this cleverly organized book of tips for the professional and would-be professional writer by veteran writer/producer Tom Lazarus demonstrates why his screenwriting classes at UCLA Extension fill with wait lists. A stellar read and recommended for every screenwriter’s bookshelf.”
–Bonnie MacBird, screenwriter: Tron, Emmy-winning producer, and former Universal Studios feature film story exec

“A terrific guide for beginners.”
— John Badham, Director

“Tom Lazarus serves up non-nonsense story development notes in a clear, authoritative voice. He’s the kind of ally smart writers want as they confront the bare page.”
— David McKenna, Author of Memo from the Story Department

“Spells out the basics of screenwriting in a clear and concise way.  Ignore the words of Mr. Lazarus at your peril.  This book is simple, to the point, and invaluable.”
— Matthew Terry, filmmaker/screenwriter/teacher – reviewer

“Provides a realistic, no-nonsense glimpse at what writers can expect when an agent, producer, or studio exec is considering your script for representation or purchase.  Author, instructor, and screenwriter Tom Lazarus gives us a handy, but practical A to Z approach on some of the most common storytelling roadblocks that can spell the difference from a “pass” to a “sale” in a competitive marketplace!  
— Kathie Fong Yoneda, consultant, workshop leader, author of The Script-Selling Game:  A Hollywood Insider’s Look At Getting Your Script Sold and Produced

“Really good advice delivered in a really practical way.  Shows you bad writing and improved writing, and the light bulb goes on.  Seeing the mistakes other writers make gives insights into the writing process that you don’t often find.  It promotes letting go of that critical voice that says ‘I’m no good at this’ or ‘who does he think he is?’ so you can take advantage of good feedback.  This is a book I will keep on my bookshelf!
— Kim Hudson, Speaker, Author, Script Consultant – Archetypal Structure

“The Last Word takes screenwriting books to the next level. Think of this as going to grad school. Tom Lazarus has walked the halls of Hollywood in both film and television and knows how things work.”
— D.B. Gilles, author The Screenwriter Within, 2nd Edition

“Golden nuggets which every screenwriter needs to heed. I will recommend this book to every one of my clients.”
— Stan Williams, Author of The Moral Premise

“Serves up a delicious feast of what writers most need but seldom get – the truth.  Want praise for every page you write?  Ask Mom.  Want to learn, grow, and become a top screenwriter?  Take a deep breath and read “The Last Word.”  It’s an enormously practical, lucid, spot-on book that will make you a stronger writer.”  
— Eric Edson, screenwriter, professor, author of The Story Solution

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