I had the pleasure to meet Raymond Neutra, Richard Neutra’s son.

Because of THE PRINCES OF KINGS ROAD, where one of the two main character’s is Richard Neutra,

I took the opportunity to hear his memories of his father and Rudolph Schindler.

Fascinating…new nuggets of information…and today I found myself rewriting.

Please understand, I’ve done many, many drafts of this play.

First, for myself, then for the Playwrights Unit of Ensemble Studio Theater.

Then we had another workshop reading, more input, more rewriting.

We did a staged reading for Winterfest, the plays in development festival of plays, and had a great reaction.

The writing of this play was over.


EST/LA picks us up for a full production (World Premiere Sept. 12th) and that good fortune comes with a new set of notes.

All good.

I make those changes and we go into casting.

Hearing the actors?  More rewrites.

And now, Raymond Neutra’s information.  More rewriting.

When is this play going to be finished?

Never!   That’s the point.

It can always be better.  Every time I hear a change.  I’ll make it.

Every good suggestion?  I’ll write it.

It’s never enough.

It’s always evolving.

I’m used to film…once you cut it and lock it.  It’s done.

Not theater.

Never done.

Couldn’t be happier.

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