The actors are not depending on their script anymore.  They have 95% of the script committed to memory.  How do they do it?  Beyond me.

We’ve also added all the props, so the actors are getting comfortable with how the performance will actually feel.

I’m used to directing for TV and film and the pressures of time/money are usually the deciding factors in how much you can rehearse and when you shoot.  Theater is so different, a much more nuanced rehearsal process.  There’s no camera or lighting to occupy the creative team…so I sit back (some of the time) and delight in the actors solving the scene.

More and more I find myself giving up the reins of the vision (that’s the non-pretentious version of the word) to the actors…and because they so honor the script, it only gets better.

Four creative people are better than one.

I never thought those words would ever come from brain. J

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