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”THE BENCH’, the short film that I directed in October, written by Robert Austin Rossi, has garnered an AWARD OF RECOGNITION FOR DIRECTION and is an official selection of the LA JOLLA FILM FESTIVAL, as well as being selected for the CULVER CITY FILM FEST, LA SHORTS FESTIVAL and one other.

“I’m kinda stunned. Actually, I’m crying. Couldn’t have done it without you.”

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Semifinal Round of the 2015 Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting.

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Damn I wish I had been able to work for you years ago. You always bring out the best in me. R.R. 2015

“I learned a TON.”

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“I very much enjoyed working with you. I learned a TON. There were formatting questions you answered that I hadn’t been able to find sufficient answers to previously. I think you did a great job responding to my material in a timely manner. I think you did everything you said you would do initially – […]

“words of wisdom”

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“Thank you again for all of your honest, straightforward, and greatly appreciated words of wisdom and for pushing me to be a better writer and story teller.” – L.L.

“What would Tom say?”

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“Armed with the knowledge that you provided me, I possess a great amount of confidence and am much more critical of my own work. Some say “What would Jesus do?” When it comes to writing, I sometimes ask myself, “What would Tom say?” – S.F