What is so striking to meare  the reports that Kobe Bryant, upon his retirement, was described by all close to him that he was

the hardest worker on the squad, first to practice, the last player to take a shot.  He worked harder than anyone on the squad. And was better than anyone else on the squad.

They say the same thing about Steph Curry of the Warrior.  His hard work made him good.

Now the tragic premature death of Prince, described by those who knew him as the hardest working man in music.  Obsessed, focused, giving a hundred percent.

I pride myself on my work ethic writing scripts in Hollywood.  While other staff writers picked through the cavernous studio warehouses for the just the right furntiure, I’d set up a folding table and get to work.  It’s all about the work.  Kobe and PRInce are the perfect example…they worked harder than everyone and achieved more.

Being the best takes hard work.  Are you willing to do the work?  I am.  i HOLD UP KOBE, AND NOW PRINCE AS ROLE MODELS FOR MY STUDENTS…I HOPE THEY LEARN.


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