What movie should you not watch with your children?

Chrisvania Handita, I don’t like horror movies

Written Dec 19

Ok, please don’t judge my parents once you read my answer. I’m sure they didn’t do this intentionally.

I’m pretty sure I was no older than 8 years old. I remember going to the cinema with my parents. I didn’t know the concept of a cinema because we didn’t go so much then. But I vividly remember what I saw.

Stigmata (1999)

I don’t remember the plot, but I remember watching horrible scenes like someone being nailed on the cross on a ceiling, a scene at a train platform (which turns out to be a subway when I read the IMDB synopsis), and other horrible scenes with blood and people screaming.

I had no idea what I watched, but those images kept appearing, and it won’t go away until now (25 y/o). The horror haunted me longer than I’d want it to be. I only figured out that it was Stigmata when Google’s search engine was good enough to come up with a result when you type: ‘a horror movie with people nailed on the ceiling’.

I still question it till today, why on earth did my parents think it was a good idea to bring along their 8 y/o kid to a movie… about a woman… getting wounds like Jesus did.

This movie scarred me for life. NEVER watch this movie with your children. Never.

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