Reactions to DO UNTO OTHERS – the staged reading 2/3/13

At Ensemble Studio Theater 

Written and Directed by Tom Lazarus

 “An amazing piece of drama!  Shockingly beautiful.”    

– Alexa

“I thought the acting was amazing.  You must be a terrific director because without sets, costumes, props, or even actually physically doing what was going on in the play, it was easily visualized.  It also made me feel so much better about my crazy sister.”  

– Lore

“Pamela and the actress who played her were so good.”

– Katherine

“Witty, funny, tight… and you were not joking about it being-

dark and edgy material.”

– Lorenzo

“Still thinking about your imagery today.”  

                           -   Jon
“We both enjoyed your play very much.  Really.   Funny, and a bit close to home, what with the sibling thing and all. Loved the wacky Kabuki thing and Larry. Lots of good stuff.”  
                                                               - Jan

 “I really enjoyed the reading … I really like this play. Everyone else seemed to, too.  My partner walked away talking about his family … so absurd and dark as it was, your play had truth and honest emotion in it. And your actors were splendid, which means you gave them plenty to do. 

– Steve

Tom Lazarus is author of THE LAST WORD – Definitive Answers to All Your Screenwriting Questions.


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