Rehearsals start next Tuesday

Had incredibly fruitful conversations with John, Ray and Heather about their characters…their talking with each other is particularly valuable.  Everyone’s getting comfortable in their characters.

My days are spent polishing the script (it can never be to shiny).

We’ve selected the set pieces….the period hospital room – beds, chairs, bedpans (not to be used!??), miscellaneous items around the room: calendar, period magazines, etc.

We’re shaking the trees for advertisers for the program.  Stevie, the producer, is doing a great job.

The final potential stumbling block – making a deal with Actors Equity  – has been successfully solved by Co-Artistic Director Carole Real and Managing Director

William Duffy.  We all sigh a breath of relief.

Each day, I find new ‘needs’ for the set – hospital buzzers, meal plates, and more audio to enrich the production.

Can this be more fun?

I don’t think so.


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