Some movies I’ve loved recently

PAWN SACRIFICE – with Toby McGuire as Chess genius Bobby Fischer and Leiv Shrieber as Boris Spassky.  A strange story about a strange man.  Well done.

THE PALM BEACH STORY – The quintessential Preston Sturges classic with Claudette Colbert and Joel McCrae…a precursor to SOME LIKE IT HOT in many ways…quite wonderful…a ‘broke’ couple living in Park Avenue.  Classic.

PARTICLE FEVER – a particularly smart documentary about the world’s effort to find the Higgs/Bonson particle by developing the largest man made machine in history.  A smar6t doc which tells the human stories that go along with their 20 year search to find the building blocks of the universe we live in for now.  Some of the imgery was positively Kubrickian.

HIGH LONESOME =-THE STORY OF BLUE GRASS…The real deal with Bill Munroe and a few others.  Fantastcially evocative use of periodstockfootage in slow motion was most effective.  Wonderful music

Next up Stanley Kramer’s ON THE BEACH, which I of course have seen and in my youth was terribly influenced by it.  The beautiful Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire doing what he does.  All good.

ANITA HILL – SPEAKING TO POWER,…A little limited in its scope, but does portray the wonder woman Anita Hill is.



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