“UNUSUAL AND ILLUMINATING.  Lazarus’ engagement with the topic is infectious. Modernist architecture, bold experiments in steel and glass and concrete, is thrillingly romantic…wonderfully engaging performers.” — Los Angeles Times


“HUMOROUS AND TOUCHING.  The characters are as fallible as they are complex, especially in terms of their relationship, with undercurrents of bitterness juxtaposed against mutual respect.

It crests on comedic highs, but digs at emotional depths as a counterpoint.”

  • R. Hunter, Footlights


“IMPECCABLY PRODUCED.  An exemplary world premiere.  It is always wonderful to have a play enlighten us.  Deserves to have a move to a regular theatre so many more may learn who the two men were and what they contributed to Los Angeles’ esoteric building styles.”

  • Dale Reynolds, Edge Media Network

“AMBITIOUS… Los Angeles architectural history brought to life… the story of these two giants of architecture whose influence on World Modern Design is undeniable”

— On Stage Los Angeles


“INTRIGUING.  Succeeds as an involving…character study of three very interesting characters.

John Nielsen easily evokes all of Schindler’s various emotions and attributes, bottled up and rejuvenated.

Ray Xifo deftly telegraphs Neutra’s total joy in re-uniting with his old friend

Heather Robinson adeptly portrays the many sides of Nurse Rothstein

  • Broadway World


“ENJOYABLE.  Watch Neutra and Schindler’s architecture come to life.”

 LA Weekly

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